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Tirunialaraya attained great fame as a EajaTSja axter
crowning himself iu S&ka 1506, PSrthiva at Snrangapattanain
on the throne set with nine geins taking possession of all the
Karnataka kingdom along with his Dalavai/ Matli (ilatla)
Venkatayyan, granting lands to Srtrangauayaikar, repairing
many temples and doing acts of charity as in the days of the
Rayar of old. Then after Srirangaraya who was at Penukoiida
attained heaven in Saka 1512, Khara, his son (younger brother)
Venkatapatiraya was protecting the kingdom after his corona-
tion at Penukonda. Venkatapatiraya, the youngc-r brother of
^nrangaraya, was ruling from CandragirL While this was the
positionf Tirumalaraya, on hearing the news that Virappa
Nayaka of Madura wu^ coming to Siirangapattauain with all
his forces, went with all his army along with his Dalar&y
Venkatapati Ayyan as far as Palani, fooght many battles with
them and won. Virappa Nayaka of Madnra having sustained
defeat and retreated, JJalamy Venkatapati Ayyaa pursued him
in the company of the king, and plundered the territory of
Madura. Virappa Xayaka of Madura gave much wealth to
Venkatapatir avail, (Venkatapati Ayya ?) who thereupon con-
trived to betray Tiruinalarayan into the hands of the enemy
by a cunning trick, came back to Srlrangapattanam with all
his forces and ruled the kingdom himself. Then, when Tiru-
malaraya obtained his release from taeni and returned to
Srirangapattanam, Venkatapatiraya (Venkaiapati Ayyan ?)
drove him away without allowing him to come to the
city. Then Tirumalaraya was staying in the village of
Malingake^arai. Then, when all the palaigars, listening to
the words of Venkatapati Ayyan, and saying that they did not
want Tirumalarayau, came with all their forces to the village
of Keifarai and laid siege to if. Raja Udaiyar, the ruler of
Mysore, came with all his forces to Kesarai, made war against
them aad defeated all the palaigars and stayed there. Since
Venkatapati Ayyan came to the fort of Srlraiigapatta^am and
was staying in it with a feeble force, s«mie people entered it by
deceitful means after which. Raja U^a^ar also came in aad